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    I have lived here in the Boise area my entire life. I’ve seen first hand, the growth and change that this town has undergone and have a strong desire to see it be successful. My knowledge of the Treasure Valley and the many relationships I have built over the years I think is what has helped give me the “edge” as a realtor. I’ve also been involved with real estate transactions from many angles such as design, construction, contracting, investment property, and currently of course, as a realtor. I’m familiar with quality designs and furnishing and recognize good craftsmanship. Most important, I know my way around negotiating a good contract. I will always find the best situations for you and your money. Lastly, I do know what it feels like to be on your side of the deal. I have experienced buying and selling properties, as a client myself, long before being a realtor. This perspective has given me the ability to provide you a great experience.

    My childhood was spent in Eagle, Idaho. I remember as the years went by, space to build a tree fort and ride my dirt bike was being traded for places to shop, eat, and housing for more people. With growth in town being a part of life, most conversations were about who sold their land to who and what was being built.

    The demand for growth in the Treasure Valley allowed me to become part of the construction industry. I attended the Construction Management program at Boise State University that continued my involvement with construction related projects all over the Boise valley. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience all aspects of construction and management, from smashing my thumb with a hammer to getting a paper cut in a nicely air-conditioned office. I really have liked being a realtor, but still, I’m only just a good old contractor at heart.

    Before I was a licensed realtor, I had my got-to agent working my deals. I often wondered what my realtor was really doing to earn his pay. I remember thinking at one point, my realtor is making all the money on my properties. I loved and hated it at the same time. This guy had such an easy job, right? All he was doing was getting me what I wanted.…….He was good at his job. Honestly, not until I became a realtor, did I learn and appreciate all the behind the curtain stuff he had done for me. He earned his money. He worked hard. I liked him and I liked the relationship we had. Those experiences with my realtor still inspire me.

    Yep, I eventually transitioned over and became a realtor. During my real estate career, I’ve worked on small priced income properties, represented one of the big home builders in town, and a bunch in between. I've been fortunate to work with many good people and a lot of different properties. I feel fortunate to have had such an experience.

    As a realtor, my background offers a much needed perspective. Having the insight only a long time local boy can provide, the ability to teach and explain what is good or bad construction practices in a property, and to work out successful contracts is my thing. It's really rewarding for me to be able to offer such a service. But, most of all, I enjoy making meaningful connections. Listening to you, is most important to me. My job is not to sell you, I’m here to help you. Many agents will take your list of requests, plug them into a database and run around town with you hoping you like at least one idea. Or maybe you've been talked into selling at a price that isn't anything to brag about. I think you deserve more.

    I will get to know you, and why, and what our potential is before we do anything else. Buying and selling real estate with you will be fun, and maybe stressful, and even a little exciting. It's also going to be hard work, but well worth it when you get what you’ve always wanted. You're going to expect things from me and I'm going to expect things from you. And, my process works.

    My definition of a great realtor, is one that can work through the process of peeling the layers back and maybe even getting uncomfortable before getting into the core of your real estate needs and desires, when it means something, when we trust each other, then we get busy and have an unforgettable experience. Don't you deserve someone like this?

    I want to thank you for spending a minute, getting to know me. I’d like to return the favor. My favorite time of the day is lunch time. Hit me up. If you want to chat about the area, discuss ways to make money in real estate, or maybe you want a great experience buying or selling, lets meet up for lunch sometime soon.

    Being an expert in the Treasure Valley, I am here to help you in many ways. I look forward to learning about you, your real estate needs, and putting together a game plan that gets you what you want.

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