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My childhood was spent in Eagle, Idaho. I remember when the space to build a tree fort and ride my dirt bike in such a little town began being replaced with more places to shop, eat, and live. Growth in town became a part of life. I remember most conversations were about who sold their land to who and speculating what was going to be built next.

As the demand for growth in our area continued, it made sense for me to pursue a career in construction management. I attended the Construction Management program locally here at Boise State University. (GO BIG BLUE) Ive gotten to work on some really cool construction projects around this town. I feel fortunate that I have been involved in the growth of this town in many ways. I really have liked being a successful realtor, but still, I’m only just a good old contractor at heart.

Living in the Boise area throughout my life, I’ve seen the growth and change that this area has undergone, firsthand. I think, knowing the area as a true local and also the many relationships I have built over the years, really helps give me the “edge” as a realtor. Not only do I have a strong desire to see the growth in our area be successful, I also really like seeing others love and enjoy the area as much as I do.

My work history in a nutshell. I starting as just a kid with a little lawn mowing business earning customers, keeping them happy, and making a profit. Later, pounding the pavement in the summers all over the country selling services door to door earning money to pay for college. Finally getting my first "real" job in construction management. Now days of course working as a realtor. My work history has given me the opportunity to cultivate and strengthen a skill set that offers me the abilities necessary to be a GREAT realtor.

As a realtor, my background offers a much needed perspective. Having the insight only a long time local boy can provide, the ability to teach and explain what is good or bad construction practices in a property, and to work out successful contracts is my thing. I’ve worked on small priced income properties, exclusively represented one of the biggest home builders in town, and quite a bit in between. I've been fortunate to work with many good people and a lot of different properties. Im lucky to have had such an experience.

I have been fortunate to work with some awesome people and be involved in many successful real estate transactions. I dont want to sound arrogant here but if you've got the poison, Ive got the remedy. I know what sells - I will help you successfully maximize your properties potential when you are ready to sell. I know value - I will help you successfully recognize, desired location, quality designs, and professional craftsmanship when you are ready to buy. I know how to negotiate. Im good at it. I even find myself enjoying the negotiating process in behalf of my clients. I will negotiate a good contract in your behalf. My goal will always be to get the best situation for you.

Buying and selling can be stressful. Stress sucks! The process is more than likely going to require a lot of your hard earned money. It's really rewarding for me to be able to offer such a service, helping people with such a big decision and process.

I DO know what it feels like to be on your side of the deal as a buyer and as a seller. Yep, I have had experiences buying and selling properties, as a client myself, long before being a realtor. Purchasing my personal homes as well as making some side money fixing up and selling, I had my got-to agent working deals for me. I often wondered what my realtor was really doing to earn his pay. I remember thinking, “he's making all the money.” This guy had such an easy job, right? Honestly, not until I became a realtor, did I truly start to appreciate all the behind the curtain stuff he had done for me. He was good at his job. He earned his money. He worked hard. He knew me. I liked him and I liked the relationship we had. Those experiences with my realtor still inspire me. I haven't forgotten about my experiences working with a realtor back when I was a civilian. I know what it feels like to stick my neck out there and trust somebody to help me. I think, going through it myself, adds to my desire and ability to provide you with nothing less than the best experience.

I think its fun having the ability to successfully help with such a big decision.
I have a process and my process has proven that it works really well.

I enjoy making meaningful connections.
Getting to really know you, is most important to me. My job is not only to sell or help you sell property. I want to understand you. Once I can understand why your doing what your doing and you understand me and why Im doing what Im doing, then we decide if we go to work. We will get to know each other really well throughout the process. This business has helped start some of my best friendships.

I like making money
Real estate is a great vehicle to making money.

Im good at it.
Its fun doing something Im good at. Proof is in the pudding. If you want a list of my past clients let me know.

MY DEFINITION OF A GREAT REALTOR: -is approachable -knows their client and communicates often -is honest with their client -knows and understand their spot in the real estate business -has a proven process -is organized -kicks butt.

I want to thank you for spending a minute, getting to know me. I’d like to return the favor. My favorite time of the day is lunch time. Hit me up. If you want to chat about the area, discuss ways to make money in real estate, or maybe you want a great experience buying or selling, lets meet up for lunch sometime soon.


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